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Finding a COVID-19 vaccination appointment can be complicated! Vaccine Hound can help.

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About us:

We’re a group of volunteers who search for potential covid vaccine appointments by checking local government, healthcare, and pharmacy websites right here in Western New York.

When we find an appointment available, we list a link to that provider here on the Vaccine Hound website. Click on your county to see if we’ve found something in your neighborhood, or click on “Find a COVID-19 Vaccine” above to see everything we know at the moment!

We use a combination of automated web checkers and human volunteers to find appointments, but the data we receive isn't perfect... sometimes appointments fill before we check back or the information we receive is not complete. Vaccines are in high demand, so availability changes quickly. When in doubt, please check directly with the actual vaccination provider for the most current information.

Frequently asked questions...

What is Vaccine Hound?

Vaccine Hound is a volunteer initiative designed to assist WNY residents in finding a COVID-19 vaccine. Our goal is to find and share appointment details with the public to streamline the process. Unfortunately, we are not able to make, change, or cancel appointments.

Am I eligible for a vaccine?

We can't tell you that, but the state can! Check out the eligibility questionnaire and guidelines here.

Why aren't there any appointments?!

Don't despair! Vaccine Hound is just a puppy, and it's learning to sniff out new appointments every day. Keep checking, we update the site multiple times per day with new information.

It shows appointments available, but when I go to schedule there aren't any. What's going on?

There are many reasons why this may happen, such as locations that cannot be booked due to eligibility guidelines, or the appointment may have been booked at some point in the time between when we found the appointment and when you went to register, or even that the site displayed something that looked like an appointment but was, in fact, not an appointment. We can't know for sure since we're not affiliated with the locations offering vaccines.

Where do you get your data from?

All of our information is gathered from public sources (e.g., provider websites based on NYS government-provided lists) and by volunteers working with individual healthcare organizations.

What are the eligibility requirements for specific locations?

Consult with each location providing vaccines for their specific eligibility requirements.

Why don't you have [insert information here]?

Additional information, such as eligibility, specific appointment times, and what type of vaccine is available are changing on a daily basis. Our primary focus right now is on connecting people with vaccines, however, we're continually updating Vaccine Hound to try to include more information as it becomes available.

I'm a provider and would like to provide information about my facility on your page. How can I do that?

Let's chat! Send us an email at and we'll try to get back to you!

I have feedback on the site!

Great! We'd love to hear it. Send us an email at While we read all feedback, we may not be able to respond to every message. Please note: As the Vaccine Hound team is not affiliated with vaccine providers (we only provide links to providers with potential appointments), we are unable to respond to emails requesting details about appointments, eligibility, vaccine type, etc. If you have questions of this nature, please contact the vaccine provider or your local county health department directly.

I'm still not having any luck finding a vaccine, any suggestions?

There are a few other places you can try if you're looking for a vaccine:

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